IT Information Security Officer

25,000.00 - 35,000.00

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Are you passionate about protecting sensitive data and ensuring the security of an organization's infrastructure? If so, we are looking for a skilled and experienced IT Information Security Officer to join our team and help us strengthen our security measures. 

Job Summary

✓ HMO on Day 1

✓ Receive promising perks and rewards 

✓ Get recognized for what you do

✓ Achieve work-life balance

✓ Improve exponentially with enhanced learning 


  • Has good problem-solving skills. Recognizes problem areas, identifies abnormalities, creates fixes and remediates problem/vulnerable areas.
  • Familiar and well-experienced in network security implementation and remediation. Recommend security improvements based on assessment of current state and weaknesses.
  • Safeguard information system assets by identifying and solving potential and actual security problems, evaluating trends; anticipating new requirements and scaling resources.
  • Experienced in the standard industry Information security policies and governance pinpointing security violations and inefficiencies., process investigation, and incident RCA analysis.
  • Maintains security controls, and assigns correct access privileges, control structures, and resource allotment.
  • Keeps users informed by preparing analysis reports; communication cascade and informing stakeholders regularly of security status\updates.
  • Advanced understanding of TCP/IP, common networking ports and protocols, traffic flow, OSI model, defense-in-depth, and data in transit security procedures.
  • Can interpret and execute data analysis for high volumes of system logs, network data (e.g. Netflow, FPC), and other translation of performance tools results.
  • Familiarity with the DOD Information Assurance Vulnerability Management program. Can schedule and execute PENTEST and Vulnerability tests regularly
  • Proficient with Anti-Virus review, HIPS, ID/PS, Full Packet Capture, Host-Based Forensics, Network Forensics, and RSA Security
  • In-depth knowledge of architecture, engineering, and operations of at least one enterprise SIEM platform (e.g. Nitro/McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, ArcSight, QRadar, LogLogic, Splunk)
  • Experience developing and deploying signatures (e.g. YARA, Snort, Suricata, HIPS)
  • Experienced in mobile technology, security, and OS security implementation (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows),
  • Knowledgeable with VMware technology, and Unix also with li Unix command lines
  • System administration advanced know-how with servers, good with Virtual Machines and Physical servers.
  • Stable L1 and L2 network troubleshooting skillset (on-call or onsite)
  • Advanced knowledge with Firewall administration and restriction control. Experienced with rules and routing.
  • Manage, secure and must be well experienced with security config of routers, hubs, and switches too also with hardware token multifactor authentication implementation


  • Proven work experience as an Information Security Specialist of Similar role.
  • Hands-on experience analyzing high volumes of logs, network data and other attack artifacts.
  • Experience with Vulnerability scanning solutions.
  • Proficiency with anti-virus and security software.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Systems, or equivalent education or work experience
  • Amenable to work in Ortigas and Cubao.
  • Amenable to shifting schedules

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