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Our continued success is directly attributed to the professionalism and dedication of our employees. At OBP, we work together as a team demonstrating trust, respect, and integrity for all.

I am more than grateful for the opportunity and for trusting my abilities and recognizing my efforts. I consider myself as an epitome of OBP's mission.

Accounting Manager

Working with OBP is like a therapy for me, it gives me that sense of belongingness. You work with great people, good atmosphere, strong values, and tremendous opportunity.

Admin and Sales Support

I've been grateful to be part of OBP Family, more so, I feel honored that my work has been recognized.

Finance Manager

Grateful to be part of a company that rewards effort and hard work. To add to that, I'm more than thankful for my superiors and colleagues for the unwavering trust - constantly motivating and inspiring me to be at my very best.

Team Manager

OBP put utmost importance on the welfare and safety of its employees. GRATEFUL to be part of the team. With OBP, I learned how to enjoy my work more. As they say, when you are happy, you will never have to work the hard way.

Safety Officer 3

For me, life here is not all about work, you build fun memories with the people around you - that is OBP. Enjoying what you do and sharing smile with your colleagues always matter.

Accounts Specialist

I really love working for OBP because of the culture. Everyone is being given a fair chance to step up and make a difference. Efforts and extra miles are being recognized as well.

Team Manager

I've learned that in life you can achieve one's goal by pursuing it as Boss M would say, "In life, anything is possible". Working not just as team mates, but as family; that's the OBP Way.

Data Entry Specialist

I feel grateful and blessed that I achieved the employee of the year award. It really feels so amazing working with OBP. A million thanks to OBP for believing in me. Always work hard, love your work and trust God.

Team Leader

I once read that people don't get promoted for doing their jobs really well, they get promoted by demonstrating their potential to DO MORE. I guess this is another "right moment" for me. I'm going to face it with more passion, zeal and with all the love in my heart for OBP and its people. OBP - thank you for the trust. I truly love my job!

Project Manager

I am fortunate to work for a company with so many truly caring people. I feel both honored and privileged to be with OBP Family. I have made some special friendships over the year and feel fortunate to be part of the team. With OBP, " You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream

Senior Data Entry Specialist

I've been in the company for quite some time, I've started as an intern/OJT and they offered me the Recruitment Associate role, as they gave me an opportunity to prove my self that I can do the job and Improve my skills. I must say that this is a great opportunity for me to be surrounded by talented, amiable, approachable, and professional people, and I've been provided many opportunities for personal and professional advancement. We treated each other as a family and we have a work-life balance. OBP provides incentives, perks, and opportunities that drive the employees to strive hard and do the job well.

Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist

Recruitment Fraud Notice

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